Historic Waldo Calendars

 The 2013 Calendar is now available. As promised, this calendar honors over 60 Waldo veterans - past and present. Will put a color photo here soon so you can see what it looks like. They are still only $10.00 each, and are available from any WHS member or by mail. Postage is $4.00. Send your payment to:

Waldo Historical Society, P.O. Box 459, Waldo, Florida 32694. Thank you for your support.

Just a heads-up regarding the 2013 Historic Waldo Calendar: The theme will be Waldo Veterans. As you can see on the 2012 calendar below, you will see many photos of Waldo Veterans photos we have collected. We intend to use those photos and any more we can gather, along with bios of each, for the 2013 calendar. If you want your Veteran included, please get your information to us as soon as you can, as it does take some time to compile and organize the photos and information. Contact us at historicwaldo@Windstream.net, or send us mail at Waldo Historical Society, P.O. Box 459, Waldo, FL 32694.

If your birthday is not currently listed in the calendar, please send those too. There is no charge for adding birthdays, add all you want, and until there is no more room (there's plenty for now), we will continue to add more. Add your children, your grand children, your sister, your brother, your cousin. They don't have to live in Waldo to be added to the calendar. If you want them there, we'll add them.

 The 2012 Historic Waldo Calendar is now available locally from any Waldo Historical Society member (listed below) or by mail by sending a check or money order payable to Waldo Historical Society for $14.00 (includes $4.00 for shipping) to:

Waldo Historical Society
P.O. Box 459
Waldo, Florida 32694
This year's theme is 50s, 60s and 70s Waldo, and has 12 pages of photos and history including:
Mr. Carl Beggs, Mr. Durwood Dortch, Mr. Fred Sowell, and others, along with photos of the great 1972 Waldo Train Wreck, photos and a short history of the famous D & O Store, and memories of the Waldo Community School Rec Center, plus a collage of some of our Waldo veterans and much more.
Don't miss this one. They're going fast.
Here are some local members you can call to get your copy:
Millie Keirnan (President) - 352-468-1378
Vera Mauldin (Secretary) - 352-468-1554
Penny Dodd (Treasurer) - 352-468-1910
Mary Ann Rich (Public Relations) - 352-468-2616

These calendars are one of several fund raisers we do each year toward an historic museum. The people of Waldo have very generously shared their artifacts, photos and other historic items with us - so much so, that our current storage facility will no longer house our collection.

We still have a few calendars left from previous years, if you missed them. Remember, these are more than just a calendar. They are a collection of memories of Historic Waldo.

2006: Historic Homes and Businesses

2007: More Historic Homes and Businesses

2008: Early Twentieth Century citizens

2009: Waldo Community School class photos - early twentieth century

2010: History of the railroad in Waldo

2011: Drawings by Waldo Community School Third Graders "What Waldo Means To Me" 

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