Membership Drive

We are always looking for people to help us gather the history of Waldo. If you currently live in or near Waldo, or know someone who does, please consider a membership in the Waldo Historical Society. Membership is only $10.00 yearly, to cover the cost of paper, ink and other office supplies. To learn more about us, please call 352-468-1910 (Penny) or email, or send us a letter to

Waldo Historical Society

P.O. Box 459

Waldo, Florida 32694

We'd love to hear from you and look forward to exchanging information with you.

We have a scanner to scan your photos or other documents and will return your originals to you.

 The Waldo Historical Society Presents


May 1, 2010

11:00 am till 2:00 pm

Junction 30124 Coffee House

Free Refreshments

Courtesy of Junction 30124 Coffee House

If you’ve been wondering (or not wondering) what our goals are, come join us on Saturday, May 1 to see some of the items and artifacts, including our newly created historic Waldo Quilt depicting the history of Waldo in photos on fabric.

The Officers and members would  like to meet and greet you and tell you about our current projects and goals, with the intent of  reserving the history of the Waldo area.

Please join us on this special day.

 Waldo Book of Records

About a year ago, one of our members came up with the idea of creating a book of records for Waldo (similar to the Guinness book of Records). This book will contain the largest, smallest, oldest, tallest, etc. of everything in Waldo. So far, we have about a dozen entries, including the largest tree (a Camphor) which is 34'1" around, 90'10-1/2" tall. This is the second largest Camphor tree in the NATION, according to the Florida Forestry Department who were summoned to measure the tree. The largest Camphor tree is also located in Florida - further south. The age of our tree has not yet been determined, but a recent interview with a lady who grew up in Waldo in the 1920s, said that she played in that tree as a child and it was huge then. 

Waldo Railroad Display

The City of Waldo has allowed the Waldo Historical Society to create a Railroad display in the old Seaboard Caboose. The caboose will be re-painted, and a local sign-maker will duplicate the Seaboard logo and  re-install it after the painting is finished.

We have so much railroad history in Waldo, and lots of railroad memorabilia to be displayed in the caboose. When this project is completed, we will offer tours of the caboose on select days and times. 


 The Historic Waldo Quilt Project

Some of our creative members decided to create an historic quilt, to be raffled off as a fund raiser. This quilt would include photos of historic places in Waldo, from years gone by. During the planning of which photos to include, some "personal" items were donated by some of our Senior Citizens, to be attached to the quilt. We found photos of businesses that were once in Waldo.

When it was finished, it was so beautiful, no one wanted to raffle it off. We want to keep it for a while - hang it in our museum when we get one. After we've satisfied ourselves with it sufficiently, we might then decide to raffle it.


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